Will Bradley In The Morning!


Now thanks to the Voila app, Will is a Pixar character! And these are the best pictures ever taken of him too!



Because your time is important, The Power 99.1 Guide To Will Bradley is presented in bullet form……….

  • Moved to the Tri from Reno where he did radio until the stations (and the casinos) couldn’t stand him anymore
  • Also has done radio in Seattle, Minneapolis, Tampa Bay, Louisville, Ft. Wayne, and Rapid City
  • Generally speaking, unless it’s something that shouldn’t be taken seriously he takes nothing seriously
  • Seriously, mental health awareness and youth sports are ways he contributes to the community
  • Other interests include his kids, hiking, video games, corgis, Tri-Cities restaurants, and road trips
  • Minnesota sports fan who has saved thousands of dollars on championship memorabilia he doesn’t have to buy
  • Wants to retire from radio someday to drive the country in an RV when he’s not running his sweet onion farm
  • Every relationship he’s had has gone from “Oh my God you’re so funny I love that!” to “Is everything a joke to you!?!?!?!” within 6 months
  • Social media (Twitter/Facebook/Instagram/PlayStation) is @willTCradio

Need “Bad News Bradley” to deliver bad news for you?

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Call or text Will on the Powerline (509-222-9999) or email will.bradley@smgnational.com.